Meeting Topic: Formative Meeting and Headphone Study

Moderator Name: Rodney Garman, Engineering Manager, Premium Sound Solutions

Speaker Name: Dr. Sean Olive, Acoustic Research Fellow, Harman International

Meeting Location: 30001 Cabot Drive, Novi



Roundtable introductions from all attendees

Venue sponsor: Harman, refreshment sponsor: Premium Sound Solutions


Rodney Garman held a formative meeting with the intention of re-establishing the Detroit section. Initial officer candidates were presented for each position.

Chair: Dave Prince

Vice-Chair: Kevin Bastyr

Secretary: Rodney Garman

Treasurer: Pat Dennis

Web / Communications: Kurt Tischer

Committee: Mitchell Graham, Jesse Gratke, Earl Geddes, Linda Lee, John Malek, Mark Jay, Matt Ruhlen, Todd Rockwell


Attendees offerred ideas for meeting facilities, speaker/presenters, and tour venues. Discussed potential outreach session for local students to engage with the audio community in an around Detroit. Reviewed finance status of self-funding and referenced several section websites with good sponsorship examples.


Speaker Shawn Olive presented study on headphones, with detailed listener comparisons. The study drew the conclusion that there was very weak correllation between On/Over-headphone type price and sound quality. There was somewhat better correlation between price and sound quality with in-ear headphones. Also reviewed correllations between Dr. Olive’s findings and several other prominent headphone review resources.