Detroit AES section Meeting December 4, 2018

25 people attended

  1. David Prince welcome everyone and reviewed the meeting agenda
  2. Self-introductions of each atendee (25 total)
  3. Pat Dennis presentation on COMSOL
  • objective and subjective quantification for using COMSOL
  • presented examples of loudspeker modeling
  • presented and example of packaging a Bluetooth microphone (before & after optimization)
  • presented an example of structural mechanics (a mounting bracket)
  • COMSOL HW & SW resources cost about $30K
  • For COMSOL training; AltaSIM in Ohio
  • Conclusion: Good virtual engineering playground, affordable and ease of use.

David Prince presentation: COMSOL (and FEA in general) ... practical examples


  • 1st Generation
    • 1993-96 David was a Master student at Penn St. (member of the 1st graduating class in Acoustics)
    • 1997-99 worked at Jensen and continued learing about FEA in acoustics (working with Bob True)
    • 1999-05: Worked at True Technologies simulating lineaer and non-linear models of cones, spiders, motors and panels.
  • 2nd Generation
    • David starting using COMSOL at Knowles Electronics refining the designs of Hearing Aids
  • 3rd Generation
    • Working at Community Sound (pro audio) developing phase plugs & horns via COMSOL simulations
    • PSS - cone, motor and spider designs.

COMSOL works great for Material Property Analysis

Question & Answer period

Meeting concluded at 8:30pm